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Body & Soul

2000, DV, 6 minutes, 13.2 MB Directed by Kat Eiswald Starring Aura Mayo Music by Astor Piazzolla © 2000 Feminale Films According to Dr. Jung, in the world of dreams a house symbolizes the Self, while the characters within represent the different forces which make up the individual. A playful interpretation of Herr Doctor’s theory.

Solitude of Passion (#1)

2003, DV, 9.5 minutes, 11.9 MB Directed by Kat Eiswald Starring Christopher Bernard and Elina Davenport Music by Astor Piazzolla © 2003 Feminale Films This is the first film she wrote to “Solidad” and the last film completed to date. It took three attempts at shooting and one year of ignoring the footage to finish […]

L’Affaire de Coeur

2001, DV, 6 minutes, 7.8 MB Directed by Kat Eiswald Starring Lisa Bruce, Chris France, and Russell Merritt Music by Astor Piazzolla © 2001 Feminale Films Take one nice upper-middle-class lady plus one starving young actor desperate for screen time, add one embarrassing little script, and shoot it unrehearsed. That is this film. I actually […]

Anima Attraction

2000, DV, 6 minutes, 8.7 MB Directed by Kat Eiswald Starring Nathan Glatt-Holtz and Wilda Wong Music by Astor Piazzolla © 2000 Feminale Films A film illustrating the paradox of male/female relationships. “Anima” refers to the inner feminine quality of a man that he often projects onto women.

Deciding on The Best Design Software

It is tiresome and frustrating to jump on a software that you intend to design your blog site based on hear say and attractive packs only to find that you did not get what you wanted. This has happened to so many people. You should understand that technology is moving at a speed that if […]

Software for Designing a Blog Site

A blog is basically a personalize kind of a website. Items posted by a blogger are his own personal opinion on some subjects that he things matters to him. However, it is not limited to opinion because a blogger has the liberty to research and make his blog to contain only serious and factual information […]