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Adios Nonino

During the Silent Era, films were accompanied by a random selection chosen by the local organ or piano player. Rarely was music composed to accompany a silent film; Charlie Chaplin being the exception.

Most audiences were at the mercy of the taste of their organist! Only much later was music composed to accompany the classics . . . the wonderful soundtracks we have today to films like Metropolis or Pandora’s Box were only commissioned in the 1980s.

While silent film is loved by many filmmakers, few would dare to work in the silent genre. If a filmmaker makes a Silent film, they make it early in their careers as filmmakers, then abandon silence for more conventional storytelling methods. The exploration stops, often from fear of obscurity.

The silent films that are presented here represent an attempt to consider the musical score at the stage when the story is being concieved. Silents still have much to offer.