It is tiresome and frustrating to jump on a software that you intend to design your blog site based on hear say and attractive packs only to find that you did not get what you wanted. This has happened to so many people. You should understand that technology is moving at a speed that if we are not watchful we will be so much behind, with this knowledge; so many people are trying to come up with a lot of software. While this is a good thing to consumers because they will have to choose from a bigger basket, it is also bad because the intense competition that is almost throwing mediocre producers and their mediocre products out of business. In their attempts to make a comeback, these software producers revert to intense and deceptive advertising which can lure you into buying a pack of nonsense.
So then what should you be looking for in blog design software?


It is frustrating to read through a manual or a uses advise manual of five pages only to understand nothing. Good software should be made in the basic of procedures on how to use. Hard jargon used should not scare you. Buy only what you can be at ease using.

Publishing Tools

You should be able to take charge of what you are posting on the internet. You do so when you have tracking software that informs your browser that you have introduced something new online.


This is the least and the most basic thing that each software should have. This is the provision whereby you are allowed to ask any question regarding the use of that software. The FAQs section should be easily visible so that you can identify whether problems related to yours are described together with their solutions.