In the history of film and film making, comedy features prominently. Comic genres are the earliest to venture in the industry of film and film making. The root of this ancient genre points out to pioneers like Charlie Chaplin who are commemorated for having feature prominently in silent comedy. Today, a lot has changed concerning comic films. Technological advancement has necessitated a revolution that has prompted new genres and sub-genres of comedy. The following are the major genres of comedy:

Verbal Comedy

This is the genre where most of the modern comedy falls. This category involves performance of skits and comic pieces that is mainly accompanied by spoken word. Characters say things or do things with aid of words.

Stand – Up – Comedy

Stand – up – Comedy has been fashionable in the last couple of years. This is where a comedian stands up to address an audience. The information delivered is comic and features humor, satire and jokes. Here, current issues are addressed in a comic way.

Slap Stick

This is among the earliest forms of comedy. Features of action movies id predominant in these comic films. Mild violence, fight, destruction of property like houses, swords and guns feature in this comic category.

Dark Comedy

This genre is one that is close to satire because the theme that informs this genre are serious but negative one. For example wars, floods, rape and abduction are some of the serious and negative issues that affect societies. Being so, they are abhorred. This makes people only to keep off these things but they are unable to do so comprehensively. As a way of creating awareness and to encourage people to face these vices effectively, this genre tries to make these themes approachable. They are approached through humor and satire.