It is amazing to see that proponents in the silent film have an avenue to bond and meet their fans. Previously, that is in the earlier centuries from the 16th to the 19th, silent film was the biggest industry at least in the young film industry.

Unfortunately there was nothing much to do with festivals because the industry was growing only to reach its peak in the 19th century. At this time, several festivals were introduced in the industry as a way of bringing fans and the actors together and also to promote the industry. These festivals are:

Giornate del cinema muto

Translated into English as Pordenone Silent Film Festival, it was and still is the biggest festival that is believed to have started as a small group of students interested in this popular genre of film at the time. This was in Northern Italy in 1981.

The San Francisco Silent Film Festival

This is the biggest festival in the U.S.A as far as silent films are concerned. It is held in July of every year at Castro Theater. It followed in 1996 after the Pordenone Silent Film Festival.

Yet another festival that has taken the path of Giornate del cinema muto in Italy and the famous San Francisco Silent Film Festivals.

British Silent Film Festivals

Silent film is still very vibrant in Britain. It seems that preservation of British original culture has been at the heart of the people of Britain and its surroundings. Here, schools for silent films have been established and this festival which is open to the public presents the students and scholars some ideas to grapple with in their studies and research.

Opotiki’s Silent Film festival

These festivals presents competitors a chance to battle it out for awards and scholarships as a way of spreading and developing the art of horror silent films.