The development of film can be considered as a major success in the film world. Film began in the late 1880’s and since then there has been a major improvement in terms of quality and the production strategies. Film been cited as a major source of entertainment for a majority undergoes a lot of production measures before been shown to the public, and these production strategies has been developing since the olden days. A good film is not only noticed with the kind of story line in the movie but the entire production meant to produce quality images, and sound is also a requirement for a particular film to be recognized as quality. The type of camera shots and camera angles used in the contemporary times cannot be compared to the shots taken for a movie in the classical Hollywood era. This shows as that as time passes by things change and become better.

Silent era

This was the period were sound and images were not easily synchronized together in a film. The use of narrators, live performers and movie titles were the major things during this era as they were meant to make the people to understand the message better.

Classical Hollywood era

The innovations that took place during this period in the film industry had a lot of impact in the film world. Accelerated, associative and parallel montages were brought up. The use of flashbacks, switchbacks, medium and close shots together with psychological editing were major innovations during this period. The classical Hollywood era was seen to be the pioneer of realistic lighting, use high and low angle shots together with the tracking shots.

All this innovations championed to the great films that are being produced in this contemporary times. Films are now described as post modern with many of them being produced to cater for the needs of the growing fanatics.