Film making refers to the process of making a film/movie. The making of a film requires a lot of work and therefore it has many stages involved. Basically a normal film requires a written script, cast, shooting, editing and the screening of the movie. The three stages involved are pre-production, production and post-production.

Pre-production stage.

Major pre-production involves the selection of the locations for the shoot, choosing of cast, building of sets, and the hiring of the crew. At this stage the script is required to have already been written. The script is written by the script writer with his own original ideas, or ideas coming from plays, books, a true story or an idea coming from another movie. A screen writer works on the script for a period of months to improve its dramatization, dialogue, structure and the clarity to arise from the screening of the film. At this stage the film producer/s choose on potential directors whose can help in a good production, together with the director, the producers decides on the cast to choose for particular scenes, the locations and the crew. At this stage a production company is made, a production budget is drafted to cater for the expenses to be incurred during the whole period The budget of the film and its nature determine the number of crew and the type of cast.

Production stage.

The stage involves the shooting of the film’s crew involved in this stage of production includes the unit production manager,director,assistant director, casting director, location manager, director of photography, director of audiography,costume designer, make up and hair designers and choreographers. Lighting is major component at the production stage.

Post-production stage.

This is the final stage of the production of a film; the editor is involved in assembling the various shots to make an appealing film. The composer also creates a new music for the film at this stage. The film is then released to cinemas and to consumers through DVDs and also available for downloads.