Films hold an important docket not only as a source of entertainment but also as a reflection of the society. The art of making films is called film making. This is an old field that can be dated back in the medieval periods. There re different types of films each made in consideration of the target group as well as the them or content of the film. There are films that are specifically for studies, documentaries of a given historic, social or natural phenomenon, as well as those meant for entertainment. The interest of this article is rooted in the entertainment part of film. It is through entertainment that artistic feature and creativity are accommodated.
Creativity in Film Making
Creativity is the ability to make something new or introduce something that is unique and worthwhile. Film makers strive to achieve creativity in various methods. Style is a key factor in film. Creativity can be presented by the tendency to be different from other films. A creative film maker is one that deviates from the norm. Deviation does not mean that the film maker has to break certain rules although he is al liberty to do so. However, the styles employed have to move peoples emotions. A film that does not spur people’s emotions is dead and in most cases it will not achieve its set goals. Suspense and imaginative methods of breaking the suspense characterize creative films.
A creative film maker is characterized by the following traits.
Decision making
A creative film maker should be a fast decision maker, able to respond to unforeseen uncertainties. Film making can be tricky especially when the intended meaning of a scene is not achieved. A creative film maker has to make fast decisions that will have key impact on the success or failure of the film.