To promote the artistic, historic and cultural value of silent file Melissa Chittick and Stephen Salmons founded the San Francisco Silent Film Festival a nonprofit organization in 1992. When it was arranged for the first time over 1,800 people attended in this festival and just after a year around 11,000 people attended. Now it has around 100 volunteers, 22 member Advisory Committee, 4 staffs and nine persons in the board of directors. After the first time, this organization arranged Silent Film Festival in various cities all over the world.

In the silent films, filmmakers direct thrilling masterpieces. Our ancestors thought, how they spoke, ways they lived, how they dressed are remarkably represents in the silent films. Now-a-days, most of the people pass their leisure by watching various films. It was silent films, which teach us the way to enjoy movies and appreciate them as art. Every generation of filmmakers are influenced by silent films and even after a century they are still inspiring audiences.

Just a few days back, San Francisco Silent Film Festival arranged its 17th festival in this year. The festival took place from 12 July to 15 July at Castro Theatre in San Francisco. According to organizers around 10,000 audiences attended here. It’s the largest silent film festival in North America. Thomas Gladysz signed the copies of ‘Louise Brooks edition’ of Margarete Bohme’s classic novel ‘The Diary of a Lost Girl’ at this year’s festival in San Francisco.

In San Francisco Silent Film Festival, there was more than just preview of silent films. They have showed 15 features and lots of other short films. There were special guests, attendees, musicians and other programs. Based on a story of Gogol, rare Russian silent ‘The Overcoat (1926)’, Chinese silent ‘Little Toys (1933)’ starring Ruan Lingyu was shown in this festival.

The best way to appreciate a silent film is to watch it in a big screen with live musical accompaniment. From the starting, Silent Film Festival organization arranged lots of shows with leading musicians, composers, artists, remarkable filmmakers. Also, experts and scholars in silent films usually present at the festival for speech and commentary.

The popularity of Silent Film Festivals at San Francisco, USA , Britain and Toronto, Canada are evidence that interest in this genre of movies continues to be strong. Film festivals are a great way to see many a lost classic and meet like minded fans. While preparing to travel to one of the festivals in USA, fans could look up tickets at a travel comparison site like